PCI DSS Announcement and opt out Option


As of March 2017, TouchSuite is providing all merchants with our PCI Liability Protection Program to help mitigate your financial risk in the event of a data security breach. Data security and cyber protection are extremely important to TouchSuite, and we anticipate that you are similarly interested in being protected.  

With the increasing use of mobile technology and computerized data storage, the likelihood of a computer system being compromised is an everyday possibility and unfortunate reality for practically all small to medium sized businesses. A computer system breach can lead to confidential client or employee information being stolen, lost, and/or broadcasted. PCI Liability Protection keeps your business from closing its doors by protecting you from the expenses that occur after a data breach. With this protection program, you will have up to $50,000 to help pay your costs in case of a qualified Data Security Event. 

Cost coverage includes:

  • Assessments and/or fines by the card schemes for breaches, including actual fraudulent use of the compromised cards
  • Forensic assessment fees
  • Card replacement fees
  • Other related expenses

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