Can my clients pay invoices partially online using FreshBooks?


Can my clients pay invoices partially online using FreshBooks?

FreshBooks does not support online partial payments. Your customers need to pay the full amount of the invoice when paying you through an integrated payment gateway.

Ways to work around this:

A. Mark the invoice down using the “discount” field or a negative line item. Then bring the invoice back up to the real total after your client paid the initial amount.

1) Edit your invoice.

2) Reduce the price to whatever amount your client wants to pay.

3) Include details so that your client knows that this invoice will be for the first partial payment

In the example below, the invoice was charging $1600 + tax originally. I added a negative line item that totals -$800 with an explanation of what is going on. This brings the total invoice amount to $904 including tax. Your client can pay this amount in full.

4) Once your client pays this amount in full, go back into the invoice and remove that negative line item or discount.

5) Re-send the invoice, and it will be shown as partially paid.

6) Your client will be able to pay the remaining total amount online.


B. Your other option would be to create 2 or more invoices to represent each partial payment that your client wants to make. We would recommend using a similar invoice # scheme so you can know that all of the payments are associated with the same work done.


- You create an invoice #5 for $1000, but your client wants to pay it in installments online.

- Break it up into 3 invoices numbered 5A, 5B, and 5C. You could do something like make the invoices worth $300, $300, and $400 to total $1000.

Goo to this link for the example....

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