Cashless ATM for dispensaries & collectives

Pin Based Debit Solution Pricing


Wireless Pricing

We have three advantages:

  • The cardholder pays a small convenience fee. Merchant only pays: $8.00 Statement Fee / $34.95 Cellular Fee per Month (First & Last Month Paid upfront = $69.90)
  • Equipment Fee: (one-time)

Vx610: $470.00. Arrives programmed and ready to use in 4 Business days.

Total: $539.90 upfront Fee

Countertop Pricing

The program works as follows:

  • You will process with an Omni VX-510 terminal and PINpad : $365 (additional $40 for IP)
  • We send the terminal programmed and ready to use.
  • We then setup a time to train you and walk you through how to use the PINpad and terminal. You will have access to a 24-hour hotline, should you have any questions.

Never Pay Processing Fees With Our Solution

A $12 monthly statement fee is charged that covers both the paper statement and insurance for the equipment.

* Your customer is charged $2.50 per transaction.


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