What do I need to do to cancel my account with Hippo Charging?

In order to cancel you account with Hippo Charging, Inc. you will need to do the following:

  1. Contact our office at (626)248-8837 or email support@hippocharging.com and inform us of cancellation request
  2. We will email or fax the cancellation form, for you to sign and date
  3. Please fax (866)463-7804  or email support@hippocharging.com complete form
  4. If there an early termination fee applies please be ready to provide a payment method

If there are any other questions and/or concerns please let us know.

Note: A standard 3 year contract and the early termination fee is $295, unless stated otherwise. To avoid any charges for the month you will need to submit before months end.  If the early termination fee is not paid or if the cancellation form is not received, your request to cancel will be delayed.

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