How do I capture my transactions on

The Transaction Detail page allows you to capture a previously authorized transaction pending settlement and submit it for processing. If available, the Capture button appears at the top and bottom of the Transaction Detail page.

To capture a transaction:

1: Log into your Merchant Interface at

2: Click Unsettled Transactions located in the top left corner of the main menu next to Virtual Terminal.

3: Click the Transaction ID for the transaction that you wish to capture.

4: Click Capture.

5: If necessary, edit the amount to be captured in the Settlement/Capture Amount text field. The amount may only be modified to be less than the original amount of the authorization.

6: Click Submit. A message window appears asking if you want to continue with the capture.

7: Click OK to continue with the capture or click Cancel to cancel the action.

The Transaction Detail page reappears with the transaction's status changed to Captured/Pending Settlement.

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