Benefits of Accepting American Express Cards

 By accepting American Express® Cards, you can bring new, higher spending customers to your business. And, with one statement and one point of contact, it has never been this easy or this profitable 

Expect Your Sales To Increase 

American Express Cardmembers have an average household income 40% higher than Non-Cardmembers.1 In addition:

• 33% of American Express Card members are more likely to try a merchant when the American Express logo is displayed1

• 48% of U.S. Fortune 500 companies are American Express Commercial Card clients, and companies often mandate use of the Card for all business expenses2

• 21% of Cardmembers used only American Express in the past month and no other major charge or credit cards1

• Tap into a network that processes transactions for over 52 million American Express Cards3

• 40% of Cardmembers use their Card for both business and personal purchases1

Your Customers WIll Benefit, Too 

American Express Cardmembers prefer to use their Card over other cards, with 85% enrolled in a loyalty program1. And that’s not all:

• They want the convenience of a variety of payment options

• Increased sense of security from fraud and identity theft

All-In-One Means One Stop Shopping

American Express Card transactions are now included into one simplified monthly statement with many of the other credit cards you may currently accept, making account management and reconciliation much easier. What’s more, accepting American Express Cards through us also means:

• Competitive rates

• Faster funding because you get paid at the same time as your other credit card accounts

• Easy set up and operation

• A single point of contact for all your card processing business

• No separate monthly minimums, annual fees, or set up costs4


1Brookfield Research, July 2007. 2American Express Internal Data, May 2007. 3American Express 2007 Annual Report, U.S. Cards in force. 4No duplicate fees in these areas from American Express.

Other fees may apply.

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