How long are authorizations valid?

 Pro guide OmahaWF1410 Page 9 Section 5.Authorizations Page 11 Section 6.4 which are listed in pertinent part below;

"You must obtain an Authorization Approval Code from us (or a Person, as provided in 
Section 5.4) for all transactions. A positive authorization response for MasterCard remains 
valid for seven (7) days for electronic processed transactions. For true paper merchants for 
MasterCard and Visa transacttions the Authorization remains valid for thirty (30) days. A pos - 
itive authorization response for Discover Network trans actions remains valid for ninety (90) 
days. Failure to settle within these timeframes may result in a late presentment Chargeback. 
Failure to obtain an Authorization Approval Code for a sales transaction may result in a 
Chargeback and/or the termina tion of your Agreement.."

"You must confirm that your equipment has transmitted its Batches to us at 
least once daily. Even if your equipment is designed or programmed to close and submit 
Batches without your intervention, it is ultimately your responsibility to con firm that the 
Batches have been transmitted to us for processing."

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