Inside eMerchantView


  • Secure direct access via the Internet
  • View, print & export 6 months of: batch deposit information with transaction detail and Chargeback and Retrieval information
  • Perform cardholder account inquiries
  • View up to 12 months of merchant monthly statements.

To access eMerchant View, please click here or enter on your bowser.

If you have a popup blocker install please remove and then press refresh.

You will need the following:
  1. OCS ID (aka Username)
  2. OCS Password
  3. x500 ID is an added security feature that ensures your data will not be accessible by anyone that hasn't been given access. 


Once log one you will see a list of your accessible merchant account(s).
Using your mouse, click on the desired merchant account followed by submit.



Navigation on eMerchantView is quick and easy. You will see 


Retrieving Monetary Information within eMerchantViewis very simple.

Here, under the monetaries

Example, a merchant simply keys in the date query, selects “monetaries” or “adjustments” and hits “submit”.

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