Edit DBA, Address ... on my FD 50 (Ti)

To Edit your terminal information on your terminal FD 50 (Ti), FD 100, FD 100Ti please follow the steps below:

From your main screen

1. Press 1 CREDIT

2. Press 6 MORE 3X,

3. Press 3 SETUP PARMS,

4. Press 3 VIEW PARMS,

5. Enter password  766130 or 990712.

6. Select Printer,

7. Select FOUR for PREVIOUS or SIX for NEXT until the option you want to update is on the screen.

8. Press 5 EDIT to edit

9. Press ENTER to save

10. Press the RED X several times until you are back to the Main Screen.  

If you are having issues please contact us or our help desk at (800)228-0210 option 1, please DO NOT enter MID until a Representative asks.


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