How to add WIFI on any FD terminal;)

Setup Security WIFI 

Touch 6 System > 3 Setup > 6 WIFI > 5 Security > Touch the down arrow on Security and select WEP or WPA1-TKIP (depends on your router configuration), Touch KEY and enter  your network code, then Touch SSID and enter your network name, PRESS ENTER and your terminal should reboot. It will take about 3 to 10 mins for the terminal to detect your WIFI.


To check WIFI status 

Touch 6 System > 3 Setup > 6 WIFI > 1 View Status > If you see the IP address, SN Mask, Gateway, and DNS your are ready and then press CLEAR until you are at the main screen.

1 Credit       2 Debit          3 EBT

4 GIFT         5 Check        6 System

Any further issues please contact our 24/7 Tech Support at (800)228-0210 and have your MID (merchant Identification available)


Note: To change a letter between lower and upper case, Press ENTER and ALPHA simultaneously.


passcode: 766130

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