How do I enable or disable IP on my FD terminal?


You want to start processing through your Internet Protocal and your terminal is set with dialup. You will need to do two things 1) Contact Hippo Charging, Inc at (626)248-8837 to set you up with Datawire and 2) Enable IP on your terminal.

Please follow these steps to either enable or disable:

Press or Touch 1 CREDIT > 6 MORE > 6 MORE > 6 MORE > 3 SET UP PARMS > 3 VIEW PARMS > Enter Password 990712 > 2 HOST > 1 CREDIT.

You will come across a screen that looks like this:


     Download ID     
<4 Previous             Next 6 >

Please either press or touch 4 or 6 until you see the following screen:

     IP ENABLE     
  1 = Yes           3 = No
<4 Previous             Next 6>

Press or Touch 1 for Yes or 3 for No. Then press the RED key to return to the main menu.  


If you are having issues please contact our 24/7 support help desk at (800)228-0210.

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