How do I reprogram FD Terminal through IP?

How do I reprogram my FD terminal?

  1. Press and hold ENTER and 0 at same time
  2. Enter Password 990712
  3. Touch or Press 5 SETUP
  4. Enter Password 990712
  5. Touch or Press 6 ERASE
  6. Then RUN (This will clear memory/format and reboot) 
  7. Touch or Press 1 PORT
  8. Touch or Press IP 
  9. Verify IP: and PORT: 443
  10. ENTER 
  11. SAVE 
  12. Touch or Press 2 FILE 
  13. Enter TID Provided
  14. Touch APN and enter Application 
  15. ENTER 
  16. Touch or Press RUN 
  • This should start the Download. You should see M---------- 
  • Then M*--------- (Shows that download has begun) 
  • M********** (Shows that download is complete)
  • MA Downloading, MDownload done. Update done!
  • Press CLEAR 2X should prompt you to SSL screen again.
  • Unplug power and plug back in.
  • Run Test Transactions and make sure to settle or close.

NOTE: To make a letter press the ALPHA Key and then the number. 
Example: To get F, press ALPHA Key 3 times then the number 3. 
To get D, press the ALPHA Key 1 time then the number 3. 
To get the R, press the ALPHA Key 3 times then the number 7.

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