My terminal displays BATCH LOCKED, what do i do?

My terminal's screen displays Batch Locked, what now? 
Batch locked can be caused my many reason and hard to tell what caused it.  In order to clear that message you need tocontact our tech support 24/7 at (800) 228-0210 or Hippo Charging, M - F, from 9am to 4pm at (626)248-8837 and we willconnect your to our support team. We do this because the device on your terminal needs to be updated.
Here are the steps that they may give you.
PRESS 1 CREDIT > 6 MORE 3X > 1 DELETE BATCH > password: 766130 and enter > screen will display BATCH DELETED > X back to the MAIN MENU > from MAIN MENU > Press 1 CREDIT > 6 MORE 3X > 3 SETUP PARMS > 3 VIEW PARMS > Enter password: 7661302 HOSTS > 1 CREDIT > Screen will display DOWNLOAD ID > press 6 NEXT > 5 EDIT > press the YELLOW KEY to back the numbers out and enter the ones provided by the OMAHA REPRESENTATIVE > Press RED KEY until you reach the MAIN MENU
Now To Unlock Batch > 1 CREDIT >3 CLOSE > Screen dip lays NO BACTH > X back to MAIN MENU and RUN a $0.01 transaction.
If any other issues rep will continue to troubleshoot until you are processing successfully.
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