How to Reprogram FD50?

Before we start, please make sure you BATCH (SETTLE) your transactions. If you have a pin pad connected please unplug terminal and then unplug pin pad. Plug terminal back in and follow these easy Steps:

FD 50 Reprogram Instructions for New Terminal
  1. Press 5 SETUP  Password 990712 ENTER
  2. Press 6 ERASE
  3. Press  RUN- should start formatting, then it will reboot.
  4. Press  ZTK
  5. Press PORT – modem phone 18004992281, Press SAVE
  6. Press FILE – enter TID 
  7. Press  9 and ENTER to scroll down to APN, then enter FDR1001 followed by ENTER
  8. Press RUN

After you get all stars **********: 

MA Downloading, MDownload done. Update done!

Press CLEAR 2X should prompt you to SSL screen again.

Unplug power and plug back in.*

It takes you to the MAIN Screen.


*If you have a pin pad please connect pin pad First, then plug in terminal.

NOTE: To make a letter press the ALPHA Key and then the number. 

Example: To get F, press ALPHA Key 3 times then the number 3. 

To get D, press the ALPHA Key 1 time then the number 3. 

To get the R, press the ALPHA Key 3 times then the number 7.

Any issues please contact our Help Desk at 1-800-228-0210 option 3, bypass MID, then option 1 for MERCHANT.
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