How do I download a Hypercom M4230?

How do I download a Hypercom M4230?

When downloading a Hypercom M4230, you must make sure the device is on its dock, and the power cord/analog phone line are both plugged into the dock and not the device itself.

  1. Press the Home key.
  2. Press the Function key.  The screen should display the Maintenance Screen.
  3. Press 1 for Deployment Configuration.
  4. Press 1 for Terminal Config.
  5. The device will prompt for Daylight Savings settings. Press 1 for Enable or 2 for Disable.
  6. At the Set Terminal Time screen, set the time.
    • Select AM or PM with the middle keys on either side of the screen
    • Input the appropriate time using the number pad.  Make sure to enter 00 for the seconds. 
    • Once completed, press Enter.
  7. The device should display the Cfg Download Host Screen. Press 1 for Yes.
  8. Press 1 for Edit/View Host.
  9. Input the Terminal ID using the key pad (this should be the site ID sent via e-mail) and press Enter.
  10. Press 1 for Dial.
  11. Press 1 for Standard Dialup.
  12. Input the Download Phone Number using the key pad (18007073898) and press Enter.
  13. Device may prompt for Security Level. If so, press 1 for None.
  14. Configure Another Download? Press 2 for No.
  15. Device may prompt to Save Changes? Press 1 for Yes.
  16. Device will display Rebooting Terminal, press any key. Terminal will reboot.If terminal does not reboot, skip to step 19.
  17. Press the Function key.
  18. Press 1 for Deployment Configuration.
  19. Press 3 for Download Now.
  20. The device displays the Application Manager screen. Press Enter.
    NOTE: If more than one server is defined, the device will display the Hosts Screen. Select Sever 1.
  21. The device will then download the application. Do not disturb the device during this time.
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