How do I update my email address on ROAMPAY?

You need to update your account information then follow these simple steps. (e.i. email, address, phone …)
Your myROAM account is the web home page to start your virtual terminal and perform administrative functions. 
1) Click here to log on to ROAMPAY and:
• Enter User name
• Enter Password
• Select Login
You will be directed to your home page in your myROAM account. The home page has eight tabs on top of the page and two icons in the middle to the right.
On top of the page are:  • Home • My Account • My Apps • Training • Support • Contact Us • Shop • Logout
2) Select My Account which has three options: • ROAMplayer – Web Edition •Update Account Info • Reprovision Phone  Hovering the mouse over the over the “MyAccount” tab will show the three options listed above.
3) Select Update Account Info and enter the information you wish to change.
If you have further questions please contact ROAMPAY at (888)589-5885 they are open Monday - Friday 8am - 10PM, 7 days week excluding holidays, or you may contact us at (626)248-8837.
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