How do I update my account information on PAYware Mobile?

To update your account you will need to log on to your PAYware Portal and then follow the steps below.
Editing Your Merchant Account Information 
1. Point to the words Account Admin. A menu will appear. Click Account Info. The Account Information Maintenance window will appear. 


2. After you have made the desired changes to your account information, click the Update button. PAYware Connect will indicate that your account has been updated (update notice will be displayed above the words Account Information Maintenance). 


The selection from the Country drop-down list will determine what fields are displayed for Address Information. Valid Country values: United States, Canada, International. If International is selected, address information fields will include City, Region, and Country Name
Zip code lookup is activated for United States addresses. Key Zip Code and use the TAB key to move to the next field. PAYware Connect will automatically fill in City name. 
Click the Edit button next to the Credit Card box to modify the credit card number that is used to pay for your PAYware Connect account. Please note that this option may not be available (depending on how your reseller has set up accounts). After clicking the Edit button, you can Save your changes or Cancel them. 
The Block VFI Access check box allows you to control VeriFone Technical Support access to your account. 
The Block Corporate Access check box (if applicable) allows you to control Corporate Group access to your console in a Managed Services scenario.
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