First Data Omaha Acquiring Flash - GGe4 Daily Capture Activities


Platform: Omaha

Status: Initial Notification

Regarding: GGe4 Daily Capture Activities

Currently GGe4 initiates daily capture activities to the Omaha platform at 3:00 pm CT.

Starting 03/13/2014, all GGe4 Omaha clients will be able to define a single daily capture cutoff time that better suits their business needs and requirements for daily reconciliation. . A client can select capture cutoff times. The default GGe4 capture cutoff will be 12:00 am local time, unless modified by the client. This GGe4 change will not alter Omaha based funding runs or times, which will remain as defined today on the Omaha systems. Next day Omaha funding will continue to be available on GGe4 to Omaha if a client selects a cutoff time in the 3:00 pm CT window.

To change the capture cut-off time, the GGe4 client administrator must access the terminal administration page and adjust the “Cut-Off Time” (screen shot shown below) to a time that better matches the client’s processing environment. Cut-Off times can be selected to fall within a single 24 hour window per GGe4 terminal. Just the 24 hour time should be modified; the “Before or After Midnight on the Reporting Day” controls how capture data is reported via GGe4.

Any client facing questions about modifying the terminal cutoff time should be addressed to the GGe4 24x7 help desk at (855) 448-3493.


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