Activating your account

In order to successfully active your account you will need the information provided upon registration. This includes tax id or social security number, banking information and credit card so can bill you monthly, as well as, Name, Address, Title, Phone Number, Email Address of Account Owner.

To get started please access the welcome email with an activation link, please let us know if you wish for us to resend it.

Please click on the activation link provided in the email.

  1. Enter TAX ID or SSN, select continue.
  2. Verify that the user information listed in the field is correct. This will be the account owner and principal contact on the account. And it will be the only person to have full access of the account to make updates.
  3. Please create a new log in id and password. 
  4. You will be asked to answer a secret question. 
  5. Please review the company information. The required information is marked with an asterisk.
  6. By checking the box on the bottom of the page you are verifying that the information provided about is correct. Then select "submit." 
  7. Please review the Merchant Service Agreement and fees associated with your payment gateway.
  8. Now you can finalize by entering your name and Tax ID in the Authorization fields and select the box below.
  9. Please confirm the billing information provided in the application process by entering your name and title and check the "I authorize" box to accept the billing terms and select "submit." 
  10. Congratulations your account has been activated.


Please refer to these video demos  for some great tutorials.  Thank you!




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