How do I add an email address to receive receipts from

Authorize.Net accounts require that a user on the account be specified as the sender for all customer email receipts. The contact listed as the sender of email receipts will have their email address show up on the email that customers receive so it looks as if the email was sent from that user. In situations where the owner is the only user listed in the User Administration section, and does not wish for their email address to be used as the email sender, an alternate user account should be created to use as the sender of the email.

To set up a new email sender:

Log into the Merchant Interface at
Click Account from the main toolbar.
Click User Administration in the main left side menu.
Click +Add User.
Select a User Role.
Note: You should select the Account Contact user role if no one needs to use the account to log into the Merchant Interface. For more information about user roles please see the Answer, "What is the definition for the different User Roles in the Merchant Interface?" Click here to search for this Answer.
Provide the answer to the Secret Question at the bottom of the screen and click Next > to continue.
Enter the new user's information.
Note: Please enter only one email address in each email field and do not use commas or semicolons.

Check the boxes next to any email notifications you would like this contact to receive, and make sure to check the box at the bottom of page for Use this email address as sender.
Note: This automatically switches the new user to be the only sender of email receipts. Only one sender is allowed per gateway account.
Click Submit.

If you have any other questions concerning your account please contact them at (877)447-3938

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