How do I update my bank account with

You may update the billing information on your account at any time from the Billing Information page of your account.

To configure your bank account billing information:

  1. Log into your Merchant Interface at
  2. Click Billing Information under Account on the left-side menu.
  3. In the Bank Account Information section, click Edit.
  4. Enter the appropriate bank account billing information
  • Name on Account
  • Account Type
  • Account Owner Type
  • ABA Routing Number
  • Account Number
  • Bank Name
  • Bank City
  • Bank State
  • Bank ZIP Code

      5. Click Submit to continue or click Cancel to cancel the action. The Billing Information Confirmation and Payment Authorization page appears.

      6. Review the Bank Account Information section to verify that the information entered is accurate. If you need to correct any information, click the Back button located at the bottom of the page.

     7. Enter your Secret Answer to authenticate that you are authorized to enter billing information for your payment gateway account. (Note that your Secret Answer was configured at account setup. If you do not know the Secret Answer for your account, contact Customer Support at 877-447-3938 for assistance.)

     8. Click I Authorize.
Your bank account billing information is now configured for your payment gateway account.

Please call directly at (877) 477-3938 for further assistance.


Note: Merchant is required to do the change directly due to security reasons.  Hippo Charging cannot make any changes on accounts.

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