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In order to use eCheck.Net®, you must first complete an application and go through the account underwriting process. Underwriting involves verifying a merchant’s identity and evaluating the potential financial risk and creditworthiness of that merchant. The eCheck.Net ® service requires underwriting because Authorize.Net acts as the acquirer for eCheck.Net ® transactions. This is different from credit card transactions, where your merchant bank account provider is the acquirer.
The eCheck.Net® application is available in the Authorize.Net Merchant Interface by clicking on the eCheck.Net® link on the home page, or by clicking here.  You may also request an eCheck.Net® application from your reseller, or the sales organization through which you obtained your Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account. Detailed instructions on how to complete and submit the application are included on the application.
Once the eCheck.Net application and any other required documentation (e.g., financial and banking information) is submitted, Authorize.Net begins the underwriting process. You may check the status of your eCheck.Net® application by viewing your account profile in the Merchant Interface (click Merchant Profile in the main menu). Upon completion of underwriting and approval by the Authorize.Net Risk Department, you can log into the Merchant Interface and accept the eCheck.Net®  terms and conditions. Upon acceptance, your Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account is enabled for eCheck.Net processing. 
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