How can I change or update the processor connected to my payment gateway account?

Each processor lists the information required for Authorize.Net to connect your account to that processing network. To update the processor associated with your Authorize.Net account, please submit a request using our eTicket service and include the required information outlined below for your new processor. If you do not have this information, please contact your Merchant Service Provider (MSP). 

Note: Only an Account Owner or an Account Administrator is allowed to update the processor. Additionally, if your account is subsidized by an Authorize.Net reseller, Customer Support will direct you to your reseller for your processor update request. If the subsidizing reseller approves the update, the reseller must contact Authorize.Net to update your account. 

Note: Authorize.Net does not accept processor update requests through live chat or email.

To submit a processor update request using the eTicket service:

  1. Log into the Merchant Interface at
  2. Click Contact Us from the top right corner of the page.
  3. Click Create a New eTicket.
  4. Verify that all your contact information is accurate and enter “Processor Update” in the Summary box.
  5. Enter the required information for your new processor from the list below in the Description box.
  6. Click Submit.

Customer Support will review your request. To check the status of your eTicket at any time, click Contact Us from the top right corner of the Merchant Interface, and then click Manage Existing eTickets. Once Customer Support has responded to your request, you will see a yellow banner at the top of the Merchant Interface. Click View eTicket from the yellow banner to review the response.

If the processor update request is completed, Customer Support will run a test transaction on your account to confirm the connection with the processor. If the test transaction fails, a Customer Support representative will contact the Account Owner or Account Administrator that submitted the eTicket.


First Data (Nashville / FDCN / FDMS / Envoy)
MID (6-11 digits):
TID (6-11 digits):
Acquiring Bank Name (Optional):

First Data Omaha (FDCO / FDR-First Data Resources)
FDCO Merchant ID (15 or 16 digits):
Acquiring Bank Name (Optional):


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