QwickPay Setup for iOS

You should have received an email with your QwickPAY credentials, below is the format you would have received: 

QwickPAY Merchant ID: demo 

QwickPAY Merchant Pwd: Go4QwickPAY!!!

Once you receive an email from Qwickpay you can begin to set up your Virtual Terminal
Step 1:   Hippo Charging, Inc will set up your subscription

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 3.38.01 PM.png

Step 2: Virtual terminal and Custom receipts (NOTE: click here when you first log-in to your Virtual Terminal)


Step 3: Download and Sign in


Step 4: Connect your SCRA


Step 5: Make a Sale on Your  Mobile Device


Contact Magtek at support@qwickpay.com with gateway questions
* for detail set up please reference attached files and/or click here for the QwickPAY support page
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