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We received your inquiry about the QwickPAY Application crashing after the iOS7 update on your Apple device. Please follow the attached instructions on how to remove all the QwickPAY applications and only download and use the QwickPAY app.
Please remove all QwickPAY apps and re-install QwickPAY app only as new. Attached are the instructions on how to proceed to resolve this matter with the QwickPAY app.If you used QwickPAY Lite in the past, the second attachment named Manual Card Transactions in the QwickPAY Virtual Terminal will show you how you can process Card Not Present or Manual Card Transactions via the new QwickPAY VT on any Smart Phone, Tablet or PC.In the near future we will be updating the QwickPAY app to have a link to connect to the QwickPAY VT and have the credentials to just log in and be able to process manual card transactions through the new QwickPAY VT.
For further assistance please email support@Qwickpay.com or contact them at (562) 546-6400.
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    No More Qwickpay Lite. See attached.

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