Will there be any interruption with the processor when we set up a merchant using the same MID for different systems?

If the merchant already has a current First Data Merchant Services North (CardNet) account for PC America POS, all you need to do is ask the Processor to provide you with a different Terminal ID so they can start processing through QwickPAY and both of these POS Application do not interfere with each other.
If you use the same Processor Information for a QwickPAY Accounts, the Settlements/Batches may collide and one or the other POS will not process properly at the Processors end.
Processor Info 
Processor Name: First Data Merchant Services North (CardNet)
Merchant ID: 123456789012
Terminal ID: 123456
SIC: 9999
Tax ID: 12345
Merchant Zip: 90741
Merchant Phone: 562-546-6300
Card Types Accepted:
- Diners Club
- Visa
- Discover
- American Express
For future reference please send all QwickPAY inquiries to support@qwickpay.com so any available tech can assist you regarding any QwickPAY matter.


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