What steps should I take to test if my Card reader is working?

Card Reader Issue

Are you using QwickPAY App and iDynamo card reader and having issues with credit card being read by card reader?  Please follow the steps below to assure that it is the card reader.

  1. Are you using the appropriate Sleeve Adapter on the iDynamo reader which grabs and maintains the iDynamo properly connected onto the Apple device when being used?
  2. You can test on the QwickPAY App with you own credit card to practice Swiping and Reading cards into the QwickPAY App without having to charge anything.
  3. You can also configure the QwickPAY App in Demo Mode on another Apple device to see if the problem follows the iDynamo or stays with the Apple device. See attached Demo Mode instructions.
  4. You can also close all of the Multitasking Applications running in the background of their Apple device to see if it is an intermittent Port Reading issue through the Apple device. See attached Turn off applications on an Apple device.

Please emial support@hippocharging.com with further issues or you may contact QwickPAY at support@qwickpay.com

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