Qwickpay News for April 03,2013

As a follow up to yesterday’s events with regards to the database server hardware issue causing intermittent communication errors among the TGate/BridgePay gateway, I wanted to offer an explanation of the events and the resolution we are putting in place to avoid such an issue again. BridgePay has been diligently working on several upgrades to the gateway in order to handle the exponential growth BridgePay has experienced as a company.

Yesterday’s intermittent communication errors were due to a database server failure preventing us from instantly failing over to the redundant database in place for such an event. In the course of this failure, the gateway had to be completely reset, which increased the length of time involved to bring the gateway communication back to 100% stability.

BridgePay has been in the process of preparing the gateway for a massive upgrade in hardware which will prevent such an occurrence from happening in the future. This hardware, which includes new database servers, was delivered last week and is currently scheduled to be in place next week. BridgePay has made a financial investment in excess of $100,000 to install a NexGen SAN. A SAN device is a high speed network of storage devices to handle the large capacity associated with gateway transaction flow. This SAN device, in conjunction with our brand new database servers, should eliminate these database issues. The new SAN device gives the gateway the following capabilities:

· Complete database redundancy with primary database being mirrored in real time giving us the capability to eliminate any lapse in communication

· Instantaneous fail over from the primary database to a secondary database

· Increased and expandable storage capacity, allowing for exponential database growth with no impact on transaction through-put

· Greater communication stability throughout the gateway

· High speed storage that is ten times faster than the current local storage used

While we understand an event such as yesterday can affect your relationships, BridgePay wants to assure you we are taking the necessary steps to ensure complete confidence with your technology partner. BridgePay apologizes for any inconvenience you or your merchants experienced yesterday and appreciate your confidence is us as a partner as we make these upgrades to the gateway.


William J. Marshall

Founder & CTO

Please reach out to our Gateway Support, if you have any further questions at 866-322-9894 or via email at gateway.support@bridgepaynetwork.com.

Gateway Support | BridgePay Network Solutions

Gateway Support: 866-322-9894

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