FD Omaha BridgePay Gateway Master Card Discrepancies

Dear Partners,

We have been notified by First Data that merchants processing on the Omaha platform had a universal settlement issue on Friday, April 19th. Batches from this day did not settle due to an error occurring with MasterCard transactions. If a batch had a MasterCard in the batch, the batch did not settle. In working with First Data's Technical Support team, we have been advised that merchants need to reach out to First Data Omaha Technical Support directly to assist with batch settlement. This team can be reached at 800-228-0210 (Select Option for Terminal Support) and is available 24/7 to assist merchants.

At this time, First Data does not have further resolution to this settlement and did not indicate why this settlement issue occurred.

The BridgePay Gateway Support will continue to be available but please advise we will have to direct merchants related to this issue back to First Data Omaha for resolution.

Thank you,

Carlee Hudachko

Vice President Operations

Gateway Support | BridgePay Network Solutions

Gateway Support: 866-322-9894

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