How to opt out of Security Metrics

 Many of our merchants have been emailed by Security Metrics concerning not being PCI DSS Compliant however this is a false statement.  Hippo Charging handles the PCI DSS compliance for all of it's accounts and if you are not compliant you will here from us directly.  


If you continue receiving emails or letters from Security Metrics, this is how you can successfully opt out. Unfortunately until this is done they will not stop contacting you. 

Please call (801) 995-6600 and ask to be opted out of their system.

Security Metrics might try  to get you to stay, and make sure they tell you that First Data will still charge you between  $80-$200.

Just politely insist on opting out and they will do so.



You might be receiving an email resembling this:


This is (Agent Name) with SecurityMetrics.

I just called to let you know that your Merchant Account has been tagged as non compliant and needs to be renewed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Failure to do so may result in monthly, non-compliance fees.

SecurityMetrics has handled your account in the past including this last year and I have been assigned to help you update you PCI compliance for this year. This is a simple process and can be handled with a simple 5 minute phone call. However, you'll want to take care of this as soon as possible before any potential fees are incurred.

Also, here are the instructions to sign in, make payment and re-certify the questionnaire online if you would prefer to do that. But we would be more than happy to assist you over the phone in completing this update.

1. Go to

2. Sign-in at the upper-right corner using your email address and password and continue on to your "Security Console High Level Report."

3. Click the "Renew" button.

4. Select appropriate product "Annual Service - No Internet" OR "Site Certification Quarterly" if you require a scan.

5. Calculate price and continue through payment process until you return to the "Security Console High Level Report."

6. On the "Security Console High Level Report", click the blue link that says “Recertify or retake the questionnaire."

7. Please send me an email when this is completed. I want to be able to update your expiration date and report your compliance immediately.

If you need any assistance making this payment, please call us at 801-995-6600.

Thank you,


(801) 995-6600

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