PCI Compliance required by credit card assoications.

In order for you to maintain your PCI Compliance you are *required* by
the credit card associations to complete this process once a year.
Fortunately, Hippo Charging is happy to help with the process. Please
refer to the below information for directions on how to complete this

1. Log on to our website /at www.hippocharging.com/
2. Click on the link for /PCI Compliance/.
3. Enter your /Merchant ID/ number for your username.
4. Enter your password from the previous year. If you do not remember
your password, click the "Forgot Password" button below.
5. You will directed to the "Welcome Back" page, and select "Start a
New SAQ".
6. Choose the method your customers are able to pay you with.
7. Choose how you process.
8. Go through the Self-Assessment Questionnaire and answer the
questions based on how you handle your credit card information.

We understand this process can be frustrating and complicated. We are
here to answer your questions and walk you through this process with
ease. Feel free to reach out to our support team at 626-248-8837, or by
emailing us at


You can also find more information by going to www.hippocharging.com or
follow us on Twitter @hippocharging

Hippo Team Support


Ashley Powell
Customer Support Specialist
Hippo Charging

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