How do I provide my IP Address?

If your account requires to have scans completed, then you as a merchant will need to provide your IP Address every three months if you have a dynamic IP.   Dynamic IP means that it changes each time. If you have a static IP, then you do NOT have to provide it every three months. Static IP means that it is the same each time and you are required to let us know that you have a static IP so we do not send you an email requesting your IP information. Then once your scan is complete, we will email you a certificate if you have passed or your failed scan report if you failed.

Quarterly vulnerability scans must be run on your system in order to maintain full compliance with the requirements of the PCI-DSS. Please reply to this email with the following information: 

Merchant Contact Name _______________________________________________ 
IP Address(es)________________________________________________________ 
IP Address is Static __________ Dynamic____________ Don’t Know__________ 

If you do not know your IP address you may find it by going to here

If you would rather not have to provide your IP address every quarter, you can sign up for a free service that will assign a host name to your dynamic IP address. Once you’ve set it up, and provided the host name to us, we’ll be able to perform your quarterly scans automatically. Please follow these simple steps:

1. Simply click here to access No-IP, and click on Sign Up Now 

2. You will be prompted to: Set up a User Name 

3. Create a password 

4. Enter your email address 

5. No-IP will assign a “host name” for you to use in place of your dynamic IP address. 

6. Click Sign Up at the bottom of the page to use their free service No-IP will send an activation email to the email address you’ve provided. Once you have activated your account, please provide the host name assigned to you to us. This will replace your dynamic IP and eliminate the need to provide an IP address to us in order to have your quarterly external vulnerability scans performed. 

Once this information is received, we will schedule your next quarterly vulnerability scan. If there are no issues found, we will forward your current Certificate of Compliance. If there are issues that cause the scan to fail, we will send a report showing the issues that need to be resolved. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 800-746-9201 or at (626)248-8837 if you have any questions.

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