Merchant Advance

A cash advance is an alternative way to obtain working capital for important business needs. Cash advances are based on future credit card receivables, so qualifying is much simpler than a traditional loan.

Let Hippo Charging work for you by obtaining the capital needed to help grow your business. With a single application Hippo Charging can pre qualify a merchant advance between $10, 000 and $1,000,000 within 7 business days.

Merchant Advance is a great option to help cover advertising, renovating, website redesign, taxes or any other expenses.  Allow yourself the freedom to grow your business by relieving the stress of getting a traditional loan. Your time is valuable allow us to take a quick application to get you on your way. Also, there are never any prepayment penalties or late fees with our cash advance program. The payback is simple no dates to remember and checks to write.

  • NO application fees
  • NO out-of-pocket costs
  • NO fixed monthly payments
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