How to change Vx520 to IP or dial?

To change the communication to a Vx520 follow the steps below

  1. From the Credit Menu Press 6
  2. Enter Password: 1 alpha alpha 8837 or 990712
  3. Press F4 - Communications
  4. Press F2 - View
  5. Press F3 - Edit (FDMS Auth Comm)
  6. Select NEXT for Comm Server
  7. Press F3 to select desire connection
  8. Press F2 - NEXT (3x until you get to FDMS Settle Comm)
  9. Press F3 - Edit
  10. Press F2 - Next for Comm Server
  11. Press F3 to select desire connection
  12. Press RED X Key to exit to MAIN MENU

NOTE: If you receive "DATAWIRE ERROR 1007," the date and time is incorrect and must be fix. To fix the date and time please click here for instructions.

For further technical support please contact our HELP DESK at 1-800-228-0210 option 1 (ENTER Merchant ID)

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