How can I Configure my Fraud Detection Suite? (FDS)?

Utilizing our setup Wizard is a simple and efficient way to configure your Fraud Detection Suite™ (FDS).

To access the Wizard, please follow these steps:

1. Log into your Merchant Interface.
2. Click Fraud Detection Suite in the main left side menu.
3. Click Setup Wizard.
4. Follow EVERY step in the Wizard, so your settings will be successfully applied.

You can navigate through the wizard using Save (to save the changes) or Back (to go back to a previous setting) buttons located at the bottom of the page. If you decide not to enable a certain filter or setting right away, simply click Skip›› at the bottom of the page. The only time settings are saved is when you click the Save button (regardless of whether you clicked the check box to enable the filter). You can click Exit at any time to leave the Wizard, or wait until the end to click Finish. Regardless of if you leave the Wizard early or not, any settings you save will stay saved.


If you need further assistance please contact Merchant Support Desk 

Toll-Free Phone:
(877) 447-3938

Support Hours:
(Closed major holidays)

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