How to register Mobile Phone on AUTHORIZE.NET?

Mobile Device Registration Management

This page allows you to approve, update or delete mobile devices that are used for transaction processing. The process is as follows:

1) The mobile application is downloaded to the device. At this time, the application registers the device with a status of pending. An account can have up to 100 pending mobile devices, at which point they need to be either enabled, disabled, or deleted.

2) An email notification is sent to the account owner that a new mobile device has requested access.

3) Before the device can actually be used for transaction processing, an account owner needs to change the devices' status from pending to enabled.

4) Log on to your Portal 

5) Under ACCOUNT click on SETTINGS (On the left side of the panel)

6) Under Security Settings, please click on MOBILE DEVICE MANAGEMENT 

7) Click the button next to the Device ID you wish and select ENABLE

Once a device is enabled, any registered user can use the device, according to the permissions enabled for their account. Account owners and administrators can access administrative features on the mobile device. Account owners, administrators, and transaction managers can submit transactions from a mobile device.

This page lists mobile devices that are enabled, pending approval, or disabled. You are allowed up to 100 pending devices. From this page, you can do the following:

Enable Pending or Disabled Devices

To enable a device which has a status of "Pending" or "Disabled," click the button next to the device's ID, and click Enable Device. Once the device has been enabled, it can be used to transmit transactions. Remember that a valid user login is also required for the mobile application.

Disable Devices

You can remove a device from the list of approved mobile devices by clicking the button next to the device's ID, and clicking Disable Device.

Delete Devices

You can remove a device permanently from the list of mobile devices, by clicking the button next to the device's ID, and clicking Delete Device. After a device has been deleted, you cannot re-enable it from this page. To re-enable a device that has been deleted, you need to download the application to the mobile device and begin the application process again.

To use this page, a user needs the Manage Mobile Devices permission on their user account.

If you need further assistance please contact your Merchant Service Provider at 626-248-8837 or you may contact at (877) 447-3938, 24x7. You will need your GATEWAY ID.

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